Documentary History of the Convention and Aircraft Protocol
A summary documentary history of the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and the Protocol thereto on Matters Specific to Aircraft Equipment.

Documentary History of the Convention and Aircraft Protocol2013-04-05

Preliminary Materials
Includes preliminary materials considering the international regulation of security interests in mobile equipment.

DocumentDateAuthorResponsible Entity
Study on the international regulation of aspects of security interests in mobile equipment1989-12Ronald C.C. CumingUNIDROIT
Questionnaire relating to the international regulation of aspects of security interests in mobile equipment
Report on the restricted exploratory working group to examine the feasibility of drawing up uniform rules on certain international aspects of security interests in mobile equipment1992-03Restricted Exploratory Working GroupUNIDROIT
Basic issues identified in responses to the questionnaire on an international regulation of aspects of security interests in mobile equipment1992-02Ronald C.C. CumingUNIDROIT

Study Group Materials
Includes materials from the UNIDROIT study group for the preparation of uniform rules on international interests in mobile equipment.

Inter-governmental Negotiation Materials
Includes materials from inter-governmental negotiations on the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment.

Cape Town Convention and Aircraft Protocol Diplomatic Conference (Cape Town, 29 October to 16 November 2001)

This collection consists of documents from the Diplomatic Conference for the Adoption of the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and its Protocol specific to Aircraft Equipment
Document NumberDocument Title  Date
DCME 01Provisional AgendaEnglishFrench2001
DCME 02Provisional rules of procedureEnglishFrench2001
DCME 03Draft ConventionEnglishFrench2001
DCME 04Draft ProtocolEnglishFrench2001
DCME 05Consolidated textEnglishFrench2001
DCME 06Consolidated text (a user-friendly working tool)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 07Comments (AWG and IATA)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 08Comments (ALADA)English2001
DCME 09Comments (IBA)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 10Comments (Czech Republic)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 11Comments (ICCAIA)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 12Comments (OTIF)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 13Comments (United Kingdom)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 14Comments (Space Working Group)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 15Comments (Rail Working Group)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 16Draft final provisions capable of embodimentEnglishFrench2001
DCME 17Comments on draft Convention and draft Protocol (Canada)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 18Comments (Jordan)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 19Comments (Uruguay)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 20Comments (Kuwait)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 21Comments (China)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 22Comments (Thailand)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 23Comments (Netherlands)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 24Comments (United States)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 25African States' positionEnglishFrench2001
DCME 25African States' position - AddendumEnglishFrench2001
DCME 26Comments (China)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 27Comments (China)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 28Comments (United States)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 29Comments (Uruguay)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 30Comments (Japan)EnglishFrench
DCME 31Proposal (Saudi Arabia)English2001
DCME 32Comments (Japan)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 33Comments (Japan)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 34Comments (United States)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 35Conclusions of the Informal Consultation GroupEnglishFrench2001
DCME 36Comments (Australia)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 37Comments (Rail Working Group)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 38Comments Articles 39 and 55 Convention (United States)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 39Comments (Space Working Group)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 40Status of a Consolidated text (Egypt)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 41Draft Final Provisions (ICAO)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 42Comments (Rail Working Group)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 43Entry into Force and International Registry Provision (Joint Proposal of Germany, France, Russia, UK, and USA)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 44Proposals for technical revisions (United States)English2001
DCME 45Proposals replaceable units (Germany)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 46Comments (Singapore)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 47Proposal (Mexico)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 48Proposal IR (France and United States)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 49Revised Draft Final Provision Capable of Embodiment in the Draft ConventionEnglishFrench2001
DCME 50Consolidated textEnglishFrench2001
DCME 51Proposal (Belgium)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 52Proposals (Informal WG on Jurisdication Issues)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 53Revised draft Final Provisions (Unidroit - ICAO)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 54Proposal (Members of the Informal Consultation Group)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 55Additional Clause Preamble (Egypt)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 56Proposed changes (several countries and RWG)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 57Report of the Final Clauses Committee (Part I)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 57Report of the Final Clauses Committee (Part II) - AddendumEnglishFrench2001
DCME 58Draft Resolution No. 1EnglishFrench2001
DCME 59Draft Resolution No. 4EnglishFrench2001
DCME 60Draft Final Act (Revised)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 60Draft Final ActEnglishFrench2001
DCME 61Interim Report (Drafting Committee)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 62Amendment (Egypt)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 63Review of the Aircraft Protocol (Egypt)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 64Draft Resolution (United States)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 65Draft Resolution (African States)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 66Draft Resolution (United States)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 67Conclusions (Informal Consultation Group)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 68Interpretation Clause to be added (Canada and China)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 70Proposal (United States, Unidroit and ICAO)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 71Final Report (Drafting Committee)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 72Report (Credentials Committee)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 73Change to Article 30 (Japan)EnglishFrench2001
DCME 74ConventionEnglishFrench2001
DCME 75ProtocolEnglishFrench2001
DCME 76Final ActEnglishFrench2001