The Cape Town Convention Academic Project (the ‘Project’) seeks to assist scholars, students, practicing lawyers, judges and other government officials, and industry by providing information on and education about the Convention and its protocols.

The Project is a joint undertaking between the University of Cambridge and UNIDROIT. The repository and journal are under the joint auspices of the Project and UNIDROIT, the international organisation that led the development and acts as the depositary of the CTC. ICAO and OTIF are also cooperating with the Project. The AWG is the founding sponsor of the Project. The project benefitted from a financial contribution from ISTAT, offsetting costs associated with the creation of the Project’s website, and the engagement of the RWG, strengthening rail-related content.

Presently, the Project maintains a comprehensive Repository of documents related to the Cape Town Convention and its Protocols, organises the annual Cape Town Convention Academic Conference, manages the Cape Town Convention Journal, and maintains projects relating to the Economic Assessment of International Commercial Law Reform and Best Practices of Electronic Registry Design and Operation.