This page contains materials related to court cases involving the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment:

CaseCountry of ProceedingsYear
Oceanair Linhas AéreasBrazil2018
Dash v. VectorCanada2015
Third Eye Capital vs Ranch Energy CorporationCanada2021
PNC Equipment finance LLC –v- Aviareto Limited and Link Aviation LLCIreland2012
Transfin-M -v- Stream Aero Investments SA and Aviareto Limited (unreported)Ireland2013
Belair Holdings Ltd -v- Etole Holdings Limited and Aviareto LimitedIreland2015
ACG vs. AviaretoIreland2017
DAC vs. AviaretoIreland2017
Global Principle FinanceIreland2018
Unicredit Global Leasing Export GmbH v BAL and Aviareto LimitedIreland2019
WindJet SpAMalta2012
First Nations AirwayNigeria2017