Major suite of resource materials on the Cape Town Convention and the Aircraft Protocol released by AWG

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On 11 August 2023, the Aviation Working Group (AWG)’s legal advisory panel has released the following documents to aid courts, civil aviation authorities, practitioners, academics, and all others using or interpreting the Cape Town Convention and the Aircraft Protocol (CTC).

Principles-Based Guide to the Official Commentary to the Cape Town Convention

Aids in identifying relevant authority in the authoritative Official Commentary 5th (OC) relating to the most frequently encountered questions from a transactional perspective arising in the application and interpretation of CTC.

Sets out a topical index to the OC in the form of main principles found in or underlying the texts, which are also summarized, and links such principles to specific paragraphs in the OC.

Does not seek to modify or interpret the OC and is intended as a practical companion to the OC. It is recommended that all who use this guide do so with a written or electronic copy of the OC in close proximity.

Civil Aviation Authorities Guide to the Cape Town Convention

Assists civil aviation authorities in the interpretation and implementation of, and compliance with, CTC provisions and requirements.

Summarizes and applies main CTC provisions related to de-registration of an aircraft from its state of registry and export of aircraft objects from where they are situated.

Addresses link between the CTC international registry and national designated entry points, where applicable.

Judicial Guide to the Cape Town Convention

Assists judges dealing with the application of CTC in their national courts and practitioners preparing pleadings in disputes before their national courts where CTC is relevant.

Practitioners’ Guide to the Cape Town Convention

Provides a summary of CTC basics and practical information for those entering into or advising on transactions governed by CTC.

Contains detailed discussion on common and complex issues which have arisen over time.

Includes key appendices addressing important items such as CTC legal opinions and a checklist for CTC remedies.

The above are linked in the following document.