This database contains reports on administrative and other non-judicial activity related to the CTC. The materials it contains are provided by parties involved in the transaction, their counsel, or the government that sought or took such action (the ‘relevant parties’).

Accessing this database constitutes acceptance of the disclaimer which governs the use of this database.

Efforts are made to set out a consensus account agreed by the relevant parties in respect of the reported activity (an ‘agreed summary’). Where an agreed summary is prepared, it will be placed in the database.

Where there is no agreed summary, an initial report by one of the relevant parties and any comments thereon by other relevant parties, as well as comments on any such comments, are included in sequence in the database.

The above is contemplated by the linked reporting form and process documents.

All reporting and commenting follow terms of reference which (1) seek only factual and objective information, and (2) prohibit speculation, opinion, or commercial or proprietary information or materials. The submissions may include any official government documentation related to the action which is publicly available.

While the Project’s editorial team conducts a prima facie review of materials against the above terms of reference before posting, the above-linked disclaimer applies in all respects to action taken or not by the Project.

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